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My Thoughts on Computers

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Okay, I’m going to press on since my ten year old and seven year old really want me to get on with it so that they can use my computer. I’m going to do my best to be a grown up about it and do everything I can so that they can use and play some kind of cooperative online thingie that I barely understand.

When I was a kid, or at least a teenager, we had one PC in the house. As time wore on, we had a PC and a Megadrive – that’s a kind of console for those who don’t know. Hang on, we probably had the old Amstrad and the BBC Micro-computer knocking about somewhere as well. So that’s three computers in, say 1996.

It’s now twenty years later and lets’ do a count up shall we. I’ve got a Macbook Pro that needs fixing, but is still probably functional, my wife and I both have Macbook Airs. The kids have an iMac upstairs, and they’ve got a WiiU. They’ve each got a Kindle Fire, and we’ve got an iPad as well. We have two iPhone 4S and one iPhone 6, and a Gameboy DS and a Gameboy 3DS. So, let me see, that’s fourteen computers, compared to three twenty years ago.

Admittedly, that would have been a lot different if I had been one of three boys, like my kids – more kids means more stuff, and boys are often into computers more than girls. I know my sister really didn’t give a crap about computer games.

So, obviously my family now I have grown is not identical to the one I grew in, but the fact is we’ve got fourteen computers, and I’m thinking of getting more! Can you believe that? In an ideal world, I wouldn’t have to say no to the kids because I need this computer for work. We would have enough for them to do cooperative game-play without using the work computers. Since there are three of them, that means two more laptops or desktops.

I personally would like to get a new Playstation. I also need a new phone and will probably let my kids use my old one.

This proliferation of technology is bonkers. It’s worth noting that most of that proliferation has happened in the last five years – basically since the point when my wife and I realised we each needed our own computer. Anyway, c’est vie, I suppose. Quite what the future has in store, I don’t know, but I’ve never known, so it’s no different to any other time really. One thing I can say for certain though, computers sure are helpful, and the are a lot of fun too.

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